The retail industry possesses the highest levels of competitivity in business today.

With an array of aspects that are multi faceted, retail businesses are having increased difficulties in finding the right tools to aid them in maintaining their positions as renowned brands, given the various new challenges presented to them:

  • customer experience management (physical location & post sale)
  • customer acquisition
  • customer retention
  • staff feedback

ListenPort has been effectively deployed in many retailerships to aid in the above points by way of it's unique functions. The Sentiment Analysis feature for example, has helped retail staff quicken their response time given to inbound feedback from customers. Based on the results of the automatic analysis of each and every inbound message, the accurate sentiment (negative or positive) of the feedback's sender is revealed. Targeted actions and decisions can be made faster, and carried out with precision.

Customer experience has been known to be further enhanced positively with feedback given from shoppers while they are still physically on the premises. Be it from a themed store that has user experience displays, or a generic sales floor outlet, customer feedback data has helped in vastly improving the decisions our clients make for their retail businesses.

The data acquired from feedback given to their stores has allowed them to further analyze and validate their next marketing campaign and sales price structuring, amongst many others. Surveys, feedback forms and direct opinions from retail customers now play an important role in their dynamics that focus on increased returns and determining the weaknesses in their strategies and sales funnels.