Custom Surveys

Social media platforms and search portals with comparison engines have now replaced the traditional methods of lead generation for restaurants and most F&B based businesses today.

Stemming from popularity ratings and feedback from online reviews, this new cycle of revenue has prompted many restaurants to participate actively on such platforms in order to gain an advantage including return visits and new patronage. Many in this business however, lack the knowledge or capacity to devote resources that are essential in the upkeep and managing of their online reputation.

ListenPort has given restaurant owners a affordable and highly effective solution that is proven to give returns on:

  • lead generation
  • online reputation management
  • customer feedback
  • increased revenue

The top most used functions that have helped in achieving the above are the Customer feedback, Sentiment Analysis and Social Monitoring functions.

Restaurants gain the added advantage of precise and honest opinions on their service or menu from inbound messages sent by SMS or email. Sentiment Analysis helps to accurately determine if the sender is in a positive or negative opinion to help management decide on the best course of action in the appropriate response time. While the Social Monitoring features help them keep track of the overwhelming volume of public comments and opinions on social media that could improve or damage their online reputation.

Due to the ease of communicating on social media platforms, the buzz generated around a business can sometimes overwhelm a business and cause them to overlook certain priorities. With ListenPort, restaurants can do what they do best while also taking care of their business development duties without added difficulties in adoption and deployment of multiple business systems.