The success of businesses within the hospitality industry have always been review centric and even more so today where it's dependence on a positive online reputation makes all the difference in bookings and occupancy rates.

ListenPort has been successfully integrated within many such operations to aid in the process of keeping the online reputations of these businesses positive and getting them the public exposure that is essential to their growth.

One of the key features that ListenPort provides to accomplish this is Customer Feedback. By simply giving the customers an outlet to express their feedback to a member of the management, bad reviews that are public bound have been diverted or delayed til an amicable resolution has been provided to the customer.

The social sharing function helps drive up bookings when positive reviews are easily shared on our clients' social media accounts for public viewing. Meeting the demands of customers in the hospitality industry is no easy feat, and ListenPort has made it easier for hospitality businesses to perform better especially in:

  • customer experience management
  • online reputation management
  • customer reputation management

Where most establishments focus their efforts and resources in marketing and advertising for lead generation and customer acquisition purposes, ListenPort helps them to ensure that the other critical aspects of their business is not neglected. Listening to customer feedback has proven to be far more effective in producing higher returns and more customer loyalty than any other customer retention programme can provide.