Healthcare & Wellness


This multi billion dollar industry is host to a multitude of problems that an equally large number of management and solution providers are equally invested in. Healthcare has progressed to a state in which the enterprise now has to seek out more advanced and less complicated systems to deal with more than just the heath concerns of their patients.

Customer relationship management is a sore point for many in the business, as they find it extremely difficult to handle negative feedback from the families of ill patients whose emotions are deeply altered under duress. While providing exemplary health care should be their primary focus, the only viable option for them is investment in management systems that can assist in the elements of business growth without neglecting the needs of their patients.

Scalability and business retention are areas that are heavily dependant on accurate data analysis garnered from:

  • surveys (online & offline)
  • feedback forms
  • two way communication (instant feedback)
  • sentiment analysis

The metrics from such data analysis will be crucial for this ever expanding industry to manage their plans for growth and expand at a pace they can keep up with.

ListenPort effectively tackles the converging pain points of this industry: patient satisfaction levels and management efficiency.