Custom Surveys

The education industry, comprising of schools and learning centres, require data on a regular basis to chart the course of it's trajectory and methods.

Be it data collated on the types of courses they offer or from feedback about their teaching methods and facilities, schools benefit immensely from their student demographic that is the majority user base of technological products and social media platforms: The millennial generation.

Utilizing the youths' propensity to participate in anything of a multi channel platform which has social media integration, they are the perfect audience to seek feedback from. Capitalising on this fact and collating data for future decisions or making accurate forecasts and predictions is just one of the many functions ListenPort can provide.

In the day to day aspects of education, ListenPort lets parents and educators build rapport and have two way communications. In addition to making important announcements by SMS to parents, schools can collect feedback about their staff or lessons with survey forms as well.