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Whether you want to enhance the quality of your client's relationship with your brand, make breakthroughs in your business with data from your valued customers' opinions or simply offer your management an effective tool to improve your service standards in customer support duties - ListenPort has your business covered.

Don't take our word for it. Read how ListenPort has benefitted our customers in their business with real returns.

Before ListenPort, there was no single place for us to go and find out information about our alliance.

We operate in many countries and have many contact points. We were looking for a single place where all of our people could text requests and get answers in an organized manner. And we found that place: ListenPort.

What we like most about ListenPort is that it’s simple and straight forward even for using in multiple countries, and we really like the fact that all inquiries come into a SINGLE dashboard which we can easily monitor from anywhere. It’s easy and convenient for us to send the inquiries to the right people in order to get the answers they’re looking for.

— Lon Holdon, Capgemini IBM Alliance

ListenPort user for 9 months

ListenPort has positively impacted our business in that we are now able to measure client feedback in a unique way and focus our training on areas where we can improve.

When we first started using ListenPort, we were most surprised to learn of all of the positive and consistent feedback! We’re always looking to improve, however, when we get positive feedback it lets us know what we are doing right.

The most important feature that has value for us is the real time opportunities to engage with our clients.

— Lisa Hall, Animal Emergency Critical Care (LifeCentre)

ListenPort user for over a year

The thing we love most about ListenPort is the ease of use for all involved. Our customers can quickly give us their feedback, and businesses are able to gather information about their customer base immediately from anywhere in the world.

— Grafton deButts, Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce

ListenPort user for 6 months

We wanted to try and find a way of communicating with our members in a more time-efficient manner. We used to use a comment card, but the turnaround time was too long. With ListenPort, our response can be immediate.

Even if we can’t fix a member’s problem right then and there, ListenPort allows us to let them know we’re listening and working toward a solution for them, which sets their minds at ease to know that we can be there for our members day or night even when a manager is not around in the club

Jason Hall, Sport & Health Club

ListenPort user for over 10 months