Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Open the channels of communication with your customers.

The process of getting to know what your clients really think of your business or service is never an easy one. Successful businesses routinely use various tools and methods to procure vital feedback that could define the success of their next marketing campaigns or when planning changes to the way their business operates. All these can be very hard to implement and use, let alone lead to high expenses for small or medium sized companies and start ups.

ListenPort offers every business of any size the opportunity to get high quality feedback from customers in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. The tool's functionality serves multiple purposes and delivers valuable returns that could change the very foundation of your business.

How it works:

Your business gets a dedicated SMS number in the area code of their choosing (subject to availability) and an email address for the specific objective to receive feedback and reply to it.

The inbound messages are automatically analyzed by ListenPort's unique sentiment analysis feature to help your managers determine if the feedback is sent from an irate customer showing displeasure or perhaps a satisfied customer wanting to leave your staff a few kind words of appreciation. The sentiment analysis feature has helped many ListenPort users save both time and human resources, by being able to quickly determine the best course of action just by looking at the sentiment of the customer. No longer will ListenPort's users suffer complaints that spiral out of control from a mistimed response or misread sense of priority.

These inbound messages can be forwarded to other staff members by email if required, or shared on your company's social media accounts to show your audience how amazing others find your business brand. An added bonus is that any shared messages to your social media account automatically get posted to your website with our custom widgets and your personal microsite profile.

Responses to inbound feedback can be sent by manually texting a reply, setting up an auto-responder or even a custom survey form to collect valuable feedback and keep your customers engaged with you while awaiting response from your staff.

All the data from inbound messages is conveniently stored into your ListenPort cloud-based dashboard for easy retrieval and future analysis. Simply export the data into Excel and start looking at the things that could give your business the added edge to succeed.

Need more proof that ListenPort can do wonders for your business? See what our loyal and very satisfied customers are saying about us.