About Us

ListenPort comprises of a dedicated team of professionals from various industries, who understand the importance of listening and acting upon feedback from consumers. Brought together by a common need to possess and provide others an effective means to engage in conversations that matter to a business, ListenPort laid roots in North Virginia in 2013 to achieve this goal.

How We’re Helping Companies Listen to Their Customers' Feedback LOUD and Clear.

ListenPort is a proven business intelligence tool that combines both customer relationship management(CRM) and online reputation management(ORM) functionality to effectively deliver real-time consumer feedback directly to management, because timing is everything to a business. With the knowledge that customers are the lifeblood of any business, can companies really afford not to pay full attention to the feedback that truly matters?

Many companies fail to realise that damage control is not the right way to contain a negative review, when instead measures should be taken beforehand to prevent the negative publicity generated from an unhappy individual.

With ListenPort, a customer can easily reach out to the right person in any organization and engage in both valuable and reductive dialogue. What potentially could have been a social media publicity disaster for the company, is now turned into a extremely valuable opportunity to rectify any issues and gain a positive review instead. The results of the company's timely intervention would lead to a online review left by the customer, which can be published at the management's discretion at a simple click on the dashboard.

Companies also benefit from ListenPort's functionality to improve and build stronger rapport and communication with their employees. The tracking functions have also been proven to be very handy for businesses that operate in multiple locations. By using the tracking system's data, an organization can pinpoint and identify the cause of negative reviews in any of their locations, and work on ways to efficiently rectify such situations.

ListenPort's value is bolstered by simplicity and functionality. A clean user interface in the easy-to-use dashboard, guarantees that even the most non technically inclined staff in any organization will be able to operate it successfully. The dashboard, which is accessible from any desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone, creates a convenient central location where the needs of customers and patients can be heard and disseminated to the right people to quickly take charge and take action.

Our platform is now utilized in close to a dozen countries by businesses of all sizes, from brand new start-ups to multinational corporations.

In the healthcare field in particular, ListenPort is regarded as a lifesaver to medical care providers. It is an exceptional and reliable tool in aiding medical facilities operationalize real-time, mobile-enabled, patient-feedback delivery solutions through both inpatient and outpatient communication systems. ListenPort helps these medical care providers optimize their staff presence to deal with any communications brought forth by patients in a timely fashion, lowering the number of filed complaints or waiting times for a figure of authority to respond on an urgent issue.

Businesses that rely heavily on positive reviews for future earnings, or those that face understaffing issues or poor management quickly realized that this platform was just the thing they needed to improve their service standards and manage their online reputations effectively at the same time. Those businesses revelled in the fact that not only was the platform effectively producing positive results, it was also relatively simple to manage and use as well.

Since then, ListenPort has improved upon the original platform and garnered the trust and support from hundreds of registered businesses in various industries who are currently using the portal. The ListenPort family is constantly finding new and innovative ways to provide businesses an effective means to listen, solve and improve while giving consumers access to management level staff to voice their opinions and be heard.

Critical Industries

ListenPort is extremely effective in businesses with high physical daily crowd volumes. With over 300 existing businesses using ListenPort everyday, we are committed to bring the best positive results to your business by helping you take care of your customers and their feedback.

The main ideal industries that have benefited immensely and seen positive growth through the use of our product includes, but is not limited to the following sectors:

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