Faculty & Staff

Dr. Deep Sran, Founder
Mrs. Susan Talbott, Executive Director
Sylvia Israel, JD, Academic Dean
Maureen McCrae, Operations Manager
Ms. Ashley Gam, Sciences
Dr. Jack High, Economics
Ms. Wendy Huth, Mathematics
Ms. Vanessa Krick, German, Spanish
Dr. Deborah March, English
Dr. Kevin Oliveau, History, Computer Programming
Ms. Yangxin Ou, Chinese
Mr. Clark Ragsdale, Mathematics, Chemistry
Mr. David Romero, Physical Computing, Science
Patrick Fritz and Jamey Mann, Guitar


This is the only school where every one of our students works at the right level. We meet you where you are, independent of your age. For example, we have sixth graders working with college-level humanities content, and eighth graders beginning advanced math usually reserved only for highly selective STEM high schools.

Our academic program is built around great books, great questions, and STEM-courses that illuminate the real world. We select only the finest content (rich texts instead of textbooks, open-ended questions instead of worksheets, and distinguished speakers discussing current, complex issues).

About Loudoun School for the Gifted

It is our view that the strongest students deserve the best teachers and content, and an environment focused on deep learning. We do not believe in wasting bright students’ time in school by making them wait until college for content and courses that are appropriate to their intellectual capabilities and their academic interests. And we believe that students' social development and well-being are at least as important as their academic achievement.

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