Group Membership Program (GMP)

You're In Good Company With AAA

Share an unbeatable AAA membership offer with your employees. AAA can provide your employees with security and peace of mind in all of their travels.

Our Group Membership Program (GMP) allows you to offer your employees a special first year membership at no cost to your company.

AAA can even help you promote this benefit to your employees by supplying you with a "GMP Starter Kit."


AAA Gets to You Faster in an Emergency – On average, AAA arrives 17 minutes FASTER than the competing roadside assistance providers nationwide.

AAA Gets You Back on the Road – AAA doesn’t just tow your car – 60% of the time AAA’s drivers are able to fix the problem so you can drive away.

AAA Protects You Not Just Your Car – You’re protected as a driver AND a passenger in your own car, a friend’s car, or any car.

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