- Paige Buscema
VA State Licensed Optician
Certified by the American Board of Opticians
Working as an optician in the state of VA since 1989
- Cindy Elkin
VA State Licensed Optician
American Board Of Opticians Certified Master Optician
- Nancy Helmke
Optician’s Assistant
Customer Service Extraordinaire

About Eyetopia

Eyetopia, Inc was launched in the Fall of 2002 by independent optician, Paige Buscema. We are a unique optical boutique housing an extensive collection of handbags, jewelry, and accessories for men and women in addition to our top quality prescription eyewear.

Eyetopia houses one of the area’s largest collection of over-the-counter reading glasses and can also customize your reading glasses to best suit your unique lifestyle. As independent opticians, Eyetopia is able to focus fully on providing clients with the world’s best Rx lens products measured and fit properly and unique eyewear that better helps express who you are as an individual.

The opticians at Eyetopia are all State Licensed and Nationally Certified professionals and see men, women and children on an appointment basis for expert eyeglass selection and Rx fulfillment. While we love spontaneity we encourage you to call the shop (703-443-6410) and make an appointment if you want to view our Rx eyewear collection. Please also bring your written Rx from your eye doctor when you come so that we may counsel you and provide you with the most appropriate eyewear choices for your needs. We want you to see well, look good and Be Seen. Be-Youtiful!


We are the only Optical shop in NoVA that has fully and successfully integrated an accessories boutique with Optician services that are completely independent of Optometric or Ophthalmology services.

We cater to Men, Women and children of all ages effectively.

We also offer all of our Rx clients the world’s best Rx lens products by HOYA and Shamir. In addition to one of the areas best, most eclectic Rx eyewear collections, Eyetopia carries the largest collection of over the counter reading glasses in NoVA.

Eyetopia also has a well developed sport and luxury sunglass collection. Our product mix from eyewear to handbags and jewelry is well thought out and routinely sought out from American and Fair Trade Countries and from artisans and crafters from all over the world including China, Austrailia, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Vietnam, Thailand, US, UK, Denmark, and more.

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